Playing the Music of RUSH - Live on Stage
​These are testimonials from our fans.  We truly appreciate the positive feedback and we encourage our fans to send us your testimonial so we can proudly post it here.
"You guys are playing some of the most technically challenging music EVER written, and doing it with jaw dropping accuracy"

"You guys kicked serious butt, it was one of, if not the best tribute show I've ever seen"

"I think it was the best I've seen from you guys.  You really nail it"

"Rush rocks and you guys rock for knowing it!!  Rock on."

"So glad to see you perform again.  You really do the music justice, and that's no small feat!"

"Even though I have only seen you once it was very impressive.  I enjoyed how personable and appreciative all of you were."

"Your last show was great.  Of the 5 I have attended, each one was better than the last"

"I closed my eyes and thought I was at Rush concert.  Yes, that's how INCREDIBLE you guys sound"

"You truly capture the sound of Rush and deliver their music with stunning accuracy, which is not easy to replicate.  It was truly amazing to hear you perform the music of Rush"                                                      
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