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Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Why are there 5 people in Distant Signals, when there are only 3 in Rush?
2.  When is Distant Signals coming to a venue close by?
8.  Is the setlist the same at each event?
6.  How can I meet the band?
5.  Are minors allowed to attend a Distant Signals event?
4.  Why should I see a Distant Signals event?
9.  How long are your events?
3.  Do you have an opening band at your shows?
10.  Do you guys play all of "Hemispheres" or "2112"?
7.  How long has Distant Signals been together?
Distant Signals mission is to bring the studio recordings of Rush to life in concert.  In the studio, Rush layered many guitars, vocals, keyboards and a few other instruments in a process known as "overdubbing".  Simply put, it's very difficult for only 3 people to recreate the incredible recordings in a live performance.  Rush themselves incorporate many off-stage hands to assist with samples triggered by any of the members of Rush.  Distant Signals is ALL about replicating Rush's recorded songs in concert.  The members of Distant Signals are also multi-instrumental and incorporate samplers and pedals in an effort to bring you the songs of Rush just the way you remember them!
Many people want to know when Distant Signals will be performing in their city or state.  A venue/promoter hires Distant Signals because they feel it is a concert event that people would be interested in experiencing.  As a fan, your voice is powerful.  Letting a venue know that you would like to attend a Distant Signals event at their establishment is the single most effective way to make this happen.  This approach has been, and continues to be responsible for numerous debut and return events.  Power to the people, your voice can be heard!
Distant Signals is ALL about Rush, ALL the time!  While we appreciate all different kinds of music, and of course our fellow musicians out there performing it, our first priority and commitment is to the fans of Rush.  Occasionally we may team up with another tribute act to put on a double header special event, but an opening band would be forty five to sixty minutes LESS of Rush music.
There are many tribute bands performing the music of Rush.  Some are impersonator groups that mimic Rush's live performances with the extended improvisational versions of their songs.  Others do a combination of this while maintaining the "3 man" authentic look that Rush has kept for over 40 years.  Distant Signals prides itself as being a stand-alone act devoted to meticulously recreating Rush's songs with incredible accuracy and authenticity.  A Distant Signals event is designed for Rush fans that want to experience the music of Rush, as if Rush themselves would deliver it.  We pay attention to even the smallest of details incorporating stage props, costumes, stage theatrics, lasers, and even video during select songs.  This affords the avid Rush fan something to watch while listening to the intricate and complex music of Rush.
One of the greatest things we have found as Distant Signals continues to grow, is the multi-generational appeal of the music of Rush.  It's not uncommon to see minors with theirs parents at a Distant Signals event.  As long as the venue allows minors, you can be assured that it is an entirely family-friendly event.  
Distant Signals loves to meet our fans and interact with them.  We strongly encourage our fans to interact with us before the show, during intermission, or after the show.  We appreciate your comments and feedback, which we use to better our events.
Distant Signals began in the spring of 2009.  The group has gone through some changes throughout the years, but has become the band you see today.
Distant Signals takes a lot of pride in developing unique and fresh events for the fans.   We keep a running database with every setlist from all our previous events and make sure to vary the setlist when returning to venues (as well as from event to event).  We are fortunate that with Rush's vast catalog of classic hits and rare deep cuts, we can tailor each event by working in several songs.... and they are all EPIC!
Distant Signals events average around three hours.  It is approximately 2 sets of 90 minutes, with a brief intermission between sets.  Note:  There are exceptions to this general rule such as festivals, venue imposed time restrictions, etc....
Distant Signals does a very good job of spanning a majority of Rush's catalog throughout their 40 years.  However, with the limitations of a reasonable concert length, we can't play all those songs at every event.  Though herein lies the beauty.  If there is a particular song you are hoping to hear, it's just a matter of time!  We respect and listen to our fans and often ask for feedback about new songs to incorporate.  We try very hard to deliver on those requests, but quite frankly, some song requests are just not feasible to recreate (even though those songs are quite amazing).  
11.  How can I connect with Distant Signals on Facebook?
Distant Signals has a Facebook page.  You can find us at   Give us a LIKE!!
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