Playing the Music of RUSH - Live on Stage

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Matt is a powerful, precision bassist who passionately performs the style of Geddy Lee. He possesses thundering bass riffs and energetic stage presence as he covers the entire collection of RUSH spanning 40 years.
Don is a multi-talented instrumentalist who reproduces the unique keyboards and synth pedal sounds of Geddy Lee with stunning accuracy. Don’s skills enable Distant Signals to cover 40 years of RUSH music, giving Distant Signals the ability to play unprecedented song selections.   
Eric embodies the technical drumming of Neil Peart by harnessing the intricate and technical drum patterns and drum fills of RUSH. This allows Distant Signals to incorporate the backline drums for fans and drumming enthusiasts.
Andy has been playing guitar for over 35 years. He learned by ear from cassettes and vinyl records as a 13-year-old barricaded in his room. Ace Frehley was the reason he gravitated to guitar, but from there his influences were Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Jeff Beck, Brian May, David Gilmour and or course Alex Lifeson (to name a few). Andy has played in metal, rock, country, pop band for over 30 years. Andy feels that playing live is the greatest enjoyment a musician can have and it’s an incredible challenge to play the music of RUSH.  
Mark has been a lead vocalist for an array of bands over decades, covering styles that range from Deep Purple to Queensryche to Heart, Yes and Kansas.  With the lone exception of the Kansas cover band 'Leftoverture', Mark has covered Rush songs in every band he's ever been a member of through out his musical career